12:03pm EDT, 10/19/17

Take the "Storm Water Pledge"

   Take the STORM WATER PLEDGE today!
A group of Harbor Springs Middle School students
have taken the lead for our community to call
attention to the dangers of Storm Water run-off
into Little Traverse Bay.
You’ll hear their personal appeals to how we can all help to keep
OUR bay clean and safe via :30 Public Service Announcements on 106KHQ February through September 2017. 
  1. I will use less pollutants
  2. I will use less toxic pollutants
  3. I will encourage others to take “The Pledge”

You can email your “YES” to  protectourbay@gmail.com

For further information on the student project, please call the Harbor Springs Middle School at 231-526-4710 or visit the Harbor Springs City Hall at 160 Zoll Street, Harbor Springs, MI  49740.
106KHQ is proud to be part of the Harbor Springs Middle School student project!
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