02:36pm EST, 01/22/18
A handful of cash. The money has selective color, and the rest of the image is in black and white - plenty of copy space.

106 KHQ High Low Jackpot

The Hits 106 KHQ High Low Jackpot is back!

And this time, it means even more cash for you! The KHQ High Low Jackpot will never be less than $500, and you'll have 4 chances a day to win.

Listen every weekday at 8:10 and 11:10am, 2:10 and 4:10pm for your chance to play.

Keep track of each guess to get closer to winning!

Congrats to:
Sandy from Wolverine - $1034.65
Heidi from Petoskey - $632.71
Keith from Indian River - $803.98

It's the biggest and best cash game in Northern Michigan, the 106 KHQ High Low Jackpot with Hits 106 KHQ!
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