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Dog-Proofing Your Tree

Have you found it difficult to keep a Christmas Tree in the house with a dog? What are some tips to make the tree safer? Check out this handy video for some ideas.

The Rock Now Rules Instagram

Duane “The Rock” Johnson is now the most-followed Man in the United States on Instagram with 200 Million followers, following close behind Ariana Grande at 203 Million. Meanwhile, the most-followed person in the world is soccer star

National Taco Day

This Sunday, October 4th, is National Taco Day. And believe me. I’ll be celebrating. My Girlfriend and I have a go-to quick meal once a week of ground Turkey Tacos (trust me, its delicious). But I think

Super Mario Nostalgia

As an unabashed “video game nerd”, these are the types of things that I live for. When Nintendo announced that they’re bringing three classic 3D Mario games to the switch all in one package, I was stoked.


Missed the VMAs on Sunday? Here are a few highlights and winners! Including Lady Gaga’s various masks.

Anxiety Reducing Foods

I think we can all agree that the Pandemic has added some stress to our lives. Check out the video below to find some foods that can help reduce stress and anxiety.