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Super Mario Nostalgia

As an unabashed “video game nerd”, these are the types of things that I live for. When Nintendo announced that they’re bringing three classic 3D Mario games to the switch all in one package, I was stoked.


Missed the VMAs on Sunday? Here are a few highlights and winners! Including Lady Gaga’s various masks.

Anxiety Reducing Foods

I think we can all agree that the Pandemic has added some stress to our lives. Check out the video below to find some foods that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

James Corden Busted?

In a video that went viral last week, a fan saw James Corden and Justin Bieber shooting an episode of his popular series Carpool Karaoke… but he wasn’t driving! The vehicle was on a tow, and being

Herman Moore Interview

Former Detroit Lion Wide Receiver Herman Moore will be in Petoskey on Saturday, January 25th at North Central Michigan College from 11-1 for the Sports Impact Luncheon. A session of Food, Football, and Inspiration. Herman, along with

Stone Cold on Hot Ones

Growing up, I was a huge Stone Cold Steve Austin fan. So when I saw that he was on the season finale of Hot Ones, I knew it was gonna be a good one. Sean Evans is

Revisiting Old Shows

There are so many shows out there that I haven’t seen yet, or new seasons of shows that I watch that have come out… but I always gravitate back to older shows. In the last two months,