Co-Sleeping with A Child… When is it too much!

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Those Norwegians and Pee!

Do you pee in the shower? THEY SURE DO!!! ...Read more

Does Dennis Quaid Have ANY Fans?

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Celeb Doppelgangers, Hepburn, Pharrell and Snowden!

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2nd Date Update: Lisa has a CREEPY STALKER

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Listener Court Storage Wars

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Jeff Steals His Dates Leftovers

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Jeff, Sajack and the Wheel Watchers Club

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Steady Steadman

Rizzo decided that it is Steadman Appreciation Week due to peoples lack of love or knowledge of him and his exploits. In doing so we unleashed a TON of Steadman love from Lisa!!! ...Read more

Should Mom let the 15 year old Boyfriend in?

Mom emailed the show. Her 15 year old daughter asked if her boyfriend could move in… Would you let it happen? Rizzo would, Jeff and Lisa… NO WAY! ...Read more