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Robby and Rochelle – August 12, 2021

Older or Younger than Joe Biden, Tipsy or Toddler + If you could choose your last words, what would they be? ...Read more

Robby and Rochelle – August 11, 2021

Ninja Warrior, The New Neighbors are LOUD + What is a question you will always answer with “NO!” ...Read more

Great Lakes Golf Podcast: Episode 20 – The Wyndham Championship

(00:00) Table of Contents (01:00) Local Golf (16:00) Recaps of the Barracuda Championship (28:45) Recap of the WGC Fed Ex St. Jude Invitational (42:00) Preview and Picks for the Wyndhamp ...Read more

What Could Go Wrong? | The Last Airbender

Welcome to another episode of “What Could Go Wrong?” Today Tyler Woods looks into how Paramount and Nickelodeon failed to bring to life one of the all time greatest cartoon shows of ...Read more

Robby and Rochelle – August 9th 2021

Rochelle HATES Yard Sales, Intern Vince is dubbed Dr. Doolittle + Something you learned about your partner AFTER living with them. ...Read more

Tyler Woods Movie Review: The Suicide Squad

Time for another movie review with Tyler Woods fresh off his watch party of The Suicide Squad; from MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn starring a whole roster of stars! Exactly how ...Read more

Robby and Rochelle – August 6th 2021

Finally Friday Fun Fact, Dumb Crook, Intern Vince does and E.T. impression + The longest Line you’ve ever been in. ...Read more

Robby and Rochelle – August 5th 2021

Sorry honey, someone hit the car + What movie will you NEVER watch again? ...Read more

Robby and Rochelle – August 4th 2021

Rochelle is watching Sex/Life AT WORK! + What is the worst thing you’ve stepped on with Bare Feet? ...Read more