Alright, Who had Asteroid on their 2020 Bingo Card?

According to NASA, a “Truck-sized” Asteroid (about 6.5 feet in length) is headed toward Earth, and has about a 0.5% chance of impacting on the day before the Election in November. Okay, call off the doomsday predictions. Even if this asteroid were to be on a path to impact, scientists say it would likely disintegrate upon entry into the atmosphere. Guess we don’t have to get Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis after all.

They said that it has had a few close encounters with Earth before, dating back to 1970, and makes a return trip every two years. However this time it could pass somewhere between 4,800 miles, to 260,000 miles away from Earth’s Atmosphere.

Ones this small are practically invisible until they pass nearby. In fact one zipped by at a mere 1800 miles just last week that nobody saw coming.

Though, rest assured, objects this size usually burn up on the atmosphere. Its the ones larger than about 150 meters that we really have to worry about, and none of those are potential threats.


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